About Us

TRANSLEASE International, a worldwide operating telecommunication company mainly focusing on entertainment applications and content delivery and using mostly micro billing systems..

We started as an international audio text company with our own termination points all over the globe and have built a vast network of international audio text applications since.

Our working methods

Nowadays, our core business consists of operating on local markets through local partners. As a result of local opportunities as well as challenges, our products and services have diversified heavily over the past decade – especially compared with the old international audio text applications.

Products and services consist of telephony Premium Rate services, Premium SMS services, WAP portals, internet sites and internet communities: in short, we offer a multi-media product and an elaborated service palette!

In-house development of both (direct) marketing strategies and content, combined with the right strategic partners, have given us access to a variety of markets throughout the world, although we put emphasis on the pan-European market.

Due to the fast changing world of communication and content delivery, Translease International has recognized the need to diversify into more areas using our knowledge and existing infrastructure. This has led to the development of new business models and new services that provide an even bigger clientele with innovative and new services in entertainment, conventional and off- and online industry fields..

Our Services

Over the years, Translease International successfully introduced premium Voice and SMS products and services on a variety of markets across the globe. Today Translease International carries a large number of services, targeting different end-user groups.

These services are marketed and optimized using direct, performance based marketing strategies. They are equipped with optimized payment solutions that vary from Premium Rate phone billing, Premium SMS, WAP and direct operator billing to Credit Card and Direct Debit billing (on/offline billing methods). Based on our international network, these services are both marketed and executed by our own local branches or through our strategic partners.



Premium Rate phone numbers, Premium Rate SMS short codes, direct operator billing (WAP-billing) credit card, direct debit.

Call Center

Inbound and/or outbound services available in different languages. Hard selling, support, customer care handling, collection services.


Female oriented communities available in different languages.


Various sites in different languages, targeting different audiences. Billing will be based on a flat rate, monthly rate or pay per action.

Live Streaming

State of the art platform, developed using the latest techniques resulting in second to none live streaming quality websites. Whitelabels can be used for different services such as webcam chat, yoga classes, cooking schools and so on.

Mobile Internet

An innovative platform that enables content suppliers, webmasters or site-owners to almost instantly convert their mobile traffic into cash by sharing/selling their content.

SEO – search engine optimising

Our clients are small and medium sized enterprises who are using in house SEO specialists who make sure that their company website will be top ranked in the search engines. This service is offered for a competitive, monthly flat rate.


Moderated one to one SMS based chat services. SMS is still used as a communication channel for several entertainment services as well as a billing tool. Premium rate SMS is used on a worldwide scale for easy billing, both single as well as recurring.


The combination of video call techniques and premium rate billing systems offers the end-user a simple, effective but most of all user-friendly way of delivering and charging for content.


Premium rate, value added services like live one2one, chat-lines, astrology.


Development in house, standardised building of websites for small and medium sized enterprises in combination of SEO services.

Web/Phone cross-functional Products

A maximal creation of value and a complete utilization of the generated online and offline traffic can promise combined products that link the classical voice and SMS business with the online world. Translease International offers its clients of voice and SMS enlarged access and possibilities in usage on its platforms.



Where we are



Translease International Limited Marketing & Sales Consultancy Department

Adress: 71 Amiens Street – 
Dublin – Ireland
Phone: + 353 1 836 6188
Fax: + 353 1 836 6186


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